Monday, February 18, 2013

Support and encourage our Young(er) Democrats

I had a great talk today with Louis Elrod, President of Young Democrats of Georgia. Their YDG 2013 Convention takes place April 12-14. I think every county party should send and/or sponsor someone to go to this convention.  It is vital to the future of our party that we attract and encourage students and young professionals within the party structure. I'm so excited about this organization, I made my own DSA (Democrat Service Announcement).

 What are you doing to connect your party with future Democratic leaders in Georgia? Have you tried to...

  • Consistently use social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. to promote your meetings/events.
  • Organize mixers/meet n' greets with topics/speakers that are geared toward younger voters.
  • Offer internships/mentoring programs to build skills/experience for students and recent grads.
  • Integrate the use of text messaging, cloud computing, and smartphone apps into party operations.
  • Create opportunities within your party for younger Democrats to take on significant leadership roles.
If you tried some of these ideas, with no result, then try something else. You're not going to get results overnight and it may be a combination of things that bring success. The important thing is to make a consistent effort and if you can't get them to come to you?? You got it. Go to where they are. That's why I look forward to seeing you at the YDG Convention in April. No excuses, get your ticket today or at least sponsor someone else to attend. rj

RJ Hadley, DPG Vice-Chair of County Parties

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