Friday, November 21, 2014

Back to Basics: Communication, Inclusion and Engagement

There is no getting around the frustration and major disappointment of the recent elections. There have also been no shortage of experts and pundits to tell us what we did wrong. There's certainly value in reviewing past failures, but I want to talk about how we start doing what's right. The reason we have so much discord and rumor-mongering now is because trust within the organization is low. For nearly a decade, I have fought for more transparency and better communication throughout our entire organization. If we did this, we could begin to work as a unified body with a unified message. This would guide our candidates, our party activists and most importantly our voters at election time when it counts.

So it's critical that we tune out the noisy chatter and go back to basics by coming up with a game plan for local, ground-based wins next year. This means that no part of the organization can operate in a vacuum. We have to have clear points of communications and clear times to expect that communication. When elected in February, I will distribute a meeting calendar for the next two years. Back to basics means we must become a training organization.We already have the necessary skills within our ranks. Never again will we meet as a state organization and not have training available in addition to our party business. Lastly, we've got to power up our committees, caucuses and county parties to improve voter engagement so that we can get more of our presidential voters to activate during the midterms.

We have to become an organization that works. I won't ask you to do anything I'm not willing to do myself. I told you last time that this campaign is not about me. My goal is not to be seen at this event or pictured with that person, because that does nothing for the average citizens who need us to fight for them. This campaign is about bringing all hands and all voices to the table. That means you! Come join me and let's work our way back together. rj

RJ Hadley for DPG Chair 2015

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