Thursday, November 17, 2016

DPG Will Never Change RJ. Why bother?

Some have told me it's hopeless to try and change DPG. Last time I tried I had so many State Comm. members who went back on their word and voted for status quo. "See nobody really wants it to change. Why does it matter? It's GA, the party can't do anything anyway. Not even worth it."

Here's my answer to that:

You're cynicism is understood. You don't believe it will get better and you can't envision a different state party. Still, without major 3rd party ballot access reforms, DPG is our door just to have a CHANCE at electing public servants who will represent our concerns as Dems. Right now the door is partially open, partially working. I feel we have a duty to oil the hinges and kick that door wide open.

I fight not for what the party is today. I fight for what it could be. Against the odds I keep at it, because I know there are many others who feel the same way.

Yes, as a former party Officer, I know its not all bad. It's not all bad. It's not all bad, but we know it could be so much better. Here are the problem areas I have tried to call out.

1) Metro Atlanta has too much control over party affairs and it blocks out the needs/views of other areas.
2)Little accountability or transparency for party affairs at the top and this trickles down to county parties.
3)Communication systems are poor and lack coordination
4)Organizational planning is near impossible because of #3

All of these can absolutely be fixed, but you need leaders who want to fix it. DPG Chair Porter has always said this party is about raising money, raising money, raising money. You can google that. We had a rough patch with the last Chair and I saw it as a chance to really take a hard look at ourselvs. A chance to evolve. But many at the party fell in line because of the money. The Treasurer doesn't have to show us any regular reports but I guess he's done what he promised and that's good. Absolutely money is an important thing for the party, but its not the only thing. Planning, inclusion and communication count too. These things have been sorely lacking and are much needed in party leadership.

Closing, I've already been called every name in the book so really - save it. Any energy used to come at me could be used to fix what you know is broken. Listen, I was an Officer and I know. Under the current party structure, if there's going to be a major change, it MUST come from the very top. Reset. Rebuild. #vacatethechair rj

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