Thursday, August 1, 2013

Georgia Democrats means GEORGIA FIRST

So here we go. Qualifying has ended and we look toward the August 31st special election. For me, it can't come soon enough. As an organization, this election is actually a perfect time for self-reflection, self-renewal and self-determination. Yet I've seen it create even more division and in-fighting just when we desperately need to come together as an organization. In my numerous travels all over our great state, it's been my honor to meet so many great Democrats. Of course we don't all want exactly the same thing in exactly the same way, but at our core we all believe that our party has the better path forward for our state. I offer myself as Chair to bring us together and get us focused on a basic theme with simple targets for surprising results.

At the foundation of our actions, we should all be mindful of two simple, but powerful, words - GEORGIA FIRST. Georgia First must be a destination and Georgia First must also be a promise. Georgia First as a destination means our party promotes initiatives and legislation that seek to move our state from the bottom to first in areas such as educational opportunity, economic security and individual freedom. Georgia First as a promise means our party leaders make a commitment to put the needs of our citizens ahead of private gain, personal ambition and purely ideological battles.

As we reinforce our party, evaluate new leadership and chart a course for victory in the coming elections, I ask each of you to think, make and keep GEORGIA FIRST. rj

RJ Hadley, Candidate for DPG Chair
(404) 274-9281

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