Friday, August 2, 2013

T-R-U-S-T > The 5-point renewal plan for DPG

As we work together to bring our financial picture back from the brink and refocus on finding/electing good Democrats, I'll be talking about rebuilding T-R-U-S-T as a discussion point and planning guide. I will elaborate on each point with my proposals and initiatives in the days ahead, but the overview is for us to rebuild our...


Let's face it. Without enough Democrats serving in office and/or loads of active volunteers on the ground, it makes it very challenging to raise funds. What do we have to offer the high-dollar donor? How can we inspire the small contributors? I think we can answer these questions and right the ship with a multi-prong approach that engages Democrats internally as well as those outside of the organization. There must be lots of initiative and involvement from a large group of Democrats to make this effort successful in a short period of time. While certainly not everyone can/will contribute in this way, we must be careful not to leave our financial stability in the hands of a small group of donors.


We've got to mend fences with donors,volunteers, candidates/elected officials, volunteers and ultimately our voters. Relationships are built on two-way communication so we'll have to take positive steps to listen and welcome them all back.


North GA Mountains Democrats, Atlanta Democrats, Southern Democrats - you name it we've got many ways to split up and divide ourselves up. For the sake of our state, we'll have to accept our differences and find a concept that we can all get behind like - GEORGIA FIRST.


We are a statewide organization and have statewide structure already in place. The problem is that we don't take advantage of a communication system that links county activity, district activity and ultimately state-level activity. When we begin to share information and resources across the entire state we will see our success and effectiveness increase across all of Georgia. 


Affiliate organizations are our friends and we have to start acting like it. These partner groups share complimentary views and create additional pathways to reach and engage our voters. We have to come up with new ways to connect as a team with these like-minded entities. With 2014 just around corner, we must make it clear that DPG stands with open arms to embrace organizations that align with our goals.

How will we do it? I'll talk about each point in separate posts ahead and I'm also looking forward to hearing from you. rj

RJ Hadley, Candidate for DPG Chair
(404) 274-9281

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