Sunday, October 13, 2013

Georgia Dems it's Time: Make 2014 the Year of Women

As Georgia Democrats, we have become a bit too cynical about the road ahead. By road ahead, I don't mean the "promised" years of 2016 or 2018. Yes I'm excited to see what a possible Clinton '16 could mean. I am also watching the favorable demographic projections for 2018. However, when I speak of the road ahead, I'm talking about next year folks - 2014.

It seems the politerati don't have high expectations for our party next year. I think the underestimation gives us room to do the unexpected. We have a golden opportunity to do something special and transformative with the upcoming election cycle. This could inspire the base, make the independents take a real look at our candidates and it will totally blow the opposition out of the water. I believe this is our best chance to claim some if not all of the statewide seats. It's bold. It's forward thinking and it makes sense.

So with no authority or standing to do so, I am proclaiming 2014 the Year of Women for Georgia Democrats. That's right! I want there to be a Democratic Woman in every statewide ballot slot. Can you imagine it? Think of the message Georgia Democrats would send to our voters and really to the nation. Think of the story we would have to attract funds, media attention and the crucial youth vote. Think of what that coordinated campaign would be like - wow! Spread the word and let's make it happen. rj

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