Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DPG State Committee: Are you ready now?

Open letter to all DPG State Committee members:

Almost 2 years ago exactly, I asked you to stop focusing on the dream of being "in play" and really get down to rebuilding our organization. On two separate occassions, I implored you to place your attention squarely on local/state races, decentralize operations/activities well outside of Atlanta and resist the distraction of national players that could care less about Georgia.

I wanted us to sit down and develop a real plan that we all could see and act upon. Unfortunately, it all fell on deaf ears and when I look at last night's results, not THOSE results but OUR Georgia results, I'm compelled to make another call to action.

This cycle is done, we have to move on and look ahead to 2018. Now, today, you MUST hold DPG leadership, and that includes yourselves, accountable for the road ahead with an actionable, communicated plan. Ive talked to you about this before. Planning, communication and engagement

I know you may not want to face it, but our structure and bylaws need to be scrapped and rebuilt for the kind of party we need. Look at the election map. Look down south, up north. Our top down structure is leaving large swaths of voters out of the process. There are ideas out there about how to address this, I offered a few, but you have to be willing to hear it and act.

After a decade of involvement with DPG leadership, I know it's a thankless job. Still, you have a duty to fix what you know, and can see, is not working. Trust me, you will have those who will stand in the way because doing nothing is more comfortable for them.

Search your feelings on this morning after. Do you want to experience this again? Are you going to let anything stop you from demanding the necessary changes in our organization? Answer with action. rj

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